Pamela Davis Music Studios
Established Professional Music Studios in Jupiter, FL since 2001
Conveniently located in-town at Pennock Point

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One on one music lessons, no distractions. Just a great learning environment, where the focus is on the student to learn
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Edie & Pamela
Each month one student is rewarded for their outstanding achievement.

Piano Lessons
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Patrick perfecting his guitar playing. Has been studying with me for over 5 years.
Guitar Lessons

A friendly & quiet environment where the emphasis is on learning.

Pamela Davis Music Studios is the best kept secret in Northern Palm Beach County. A quiet, tranquil musical environment where the focus is on learning. No tiny closest of a room to learn from, here we have a full size building with windows. No noisy interruptions from music classes coming from both sides of the walls, just one teacher in a quiet setting where the
student can relax, and enjoy learning.

Over the years I have come up with curriculums for different ages, instruments, and styles, that have worked out well for my students. With 40 years of actual teaching experience, and a keen sense of what the student wants to learn, you can rest assure all students will have quality lessons.

I offer the chance for students to record in a professional recording studio, utilizing the latest technology. Vocal students have the opportunity to record and then view the notes that they were singing. This helps the voice student to see the notes they were singing, and then we discuss and implement improvements.
Just one example on the latest technology, I offer at Pamela Davis Music Studios.

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Molly, Pamela & Ireland
Voice lessons

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Pamela with siblings Rachael & Brendan
Teaching them ukulele together.
 Ukulele Lessons

Providing quality music lessons in Jupiter since 2002 Providing excellence to our community

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Studio Engineering: Computer Technology
Production and Engineering Lessons

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Pamela Davis teaching Susan,
the finer points on playing Ukulele
Posing for our Summer 2015
Student Showcase event at Harbourside Place

"Sharing the joy of music with my students is very important".

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Beacon Magazine
article about Pamela Davis Music Studios

I offer all students the chance to perform at our "Student Showcases". I teach each student their parts and then we go onstage and give our performance. One benefit of teaching all the instruments, is I know all the parts that the student will need to learn for their performances. This is not a recital, but more like a rock concert with parents, family and friends cheering wildly after each number. It's always a great evening for my students.

Student Showcases

Student's live performance

Student's are encouraged to work on selected songs
and perform with teacher and other students.

"Sharing the joy of music with my students is very important".

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London doing so well with her Piano studies
Piano lessons

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Teaching Chris the finer points on guitar for over 10 years.
Guitar Lessons
Pamela Davis Recording Studio
Featuring the Production & Engineering skills of Pamela Davis
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40 years of music production experience

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Sitar Lessons

Over the years we have done recording projects to help our local community.

Such as recording & selling professional CDs
for sale, which raised money for our local Veteran's Hospital
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2007 Palm Beach County VA Medical Center Award Ceremony
Pamela was presented with an award for her charity contribution to the Veteran's Hospital

Located in Jupiter off
Central Blvd

Phone: 561 512-9583


Voice lessons
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Over the years I have been very fortunate to have students
who have study with me for many, many years.

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One such student is Emily who has been with me for 10 years.
Alway a joy to teach Emily