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Studio  News

August 2011

Singer Songwriter
wpe1.jpg (35284 bytes)

Alyssa Puccio, a summer student from New Jersey came in and studied composition and then wrote
a song called "Tonight, Tonight". She then went home and made a video of it which you can see here.

wpe2.jpg (27574 bytes)
Alyssa wrote me..........
thanks, if you press show more right underneath the copyright 2011 it says recorded at pamela davis music studios.
I also performed it last night at an open mic
Thanks again for everything i cant wait until next summer im already working on another song!

February 2010
Pamela Davis new CD release "Random Harvest."
A collection of cover songs

Release date Feb 23, 2010

wpe4.jpg (86404 bytes)
Random Harvest is a collection of cover tunes.
A change from my last CD
"Welcome To Tranzotica"
which is an Ambient collection of original songs.

The new CD "Random Harvest" is a guitar driven, gusty vocal, all out good time Rock album.

Pamela Davis: Vocals, Background Vocals,
Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Sitar Guitar,
Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Ukulele,
Banjolele, Drums & Percussion

Plus some of Pamela's music students

Suspicious Minds: background vocals Lancy Dorelus, Alexis Rowe, & Pamela Davis.
Crimson And Clover: Background Vocals Pamela Davis & Robin Lori
Sloop John B: Background vocals Alexis Rowe,
Emily Greentree, & Pamela Davis, Acoustic Guitar: Matt Partridge, & Mark Porter, Strings: Abigail Greentree
Tip Toe Through The Tulips: Background vocals: Robin Lori
Many Rivers To Cross: Background Vocals Lancy Dorelus & Pamela Davis

Produced, Arranged, &
Engineered By Pamela Davis

Listen to Random Harvest now
CD Baby is selling the  MP3's tracks from the album

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January 2010

Solo artist recording CD

wpeC.jpg (56508 bytes)
Kevin Oliveira is in the studio recording his first offical CD.

January 2010

Pamela Davis

2010 Brand new CD-Single

wpe3.jpg (50871 bytes)

Listen: In My Own Time .MP3
Dance The Night Away
Wooly Bully

More info about the new CD-Single

Purchase new CD
for only $4.99

October 2009

Songwriter in the Studio

wpe8.jpg (78717 bytes)
Songwriter Paul Barber is in the studio along with his sister Hali working on an original "Ska" composition.
Paul plays drums,Piano and sings, while Hali is playing acoustic and Electric Guitars.

September 2009

Serenity & The Art Of Stress Reduction CD
Discovering Calmness & Clarity

wpe7.jpg (58581 bytes)
Lynn Einloth
came in and worked on her second meditation project for her class at Jupiter Medical Center.
Next class starts October 14th and will meet weekly over the next two months. Each class member will recieve this latest
meditation on CD. For more info go to

May 2009
Now available for purchase

Dear Graduate Audio CD
Brett Handler

wpe1E.jpg (13473 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (13473 bytes)

Recorded and Engineered by Pamela Davis

May 2009

Singer/Songwriter in the studio

wpe9.jpg (54402 bytes)
Casey Derhak is a Singer, guitarist, songwriter in the studio recording a song he composed.
Pamela Davis is producing.

March -April 2009
Recording an audio book
Dear Graduate

wpe4.jpg (47309 bytes)
Brett Handler of Dreamstar Custom Homes is in the studio recording an audio book he has written called "Dear Graduate".
The audio CD was recorded here and is over 74 minutes long. with information every college, and high school graduate should know.
Brett has some fascinating insight into managering finances, that everyone should hear.

Hugo Ottolenghi produced the recording, and edited the book version of "Dear Graduate
Pamela Davis engineered, edited, and recorded music for the CD.
For more info on this excellent, informative book and audio CD product go to:


March 2009
Meditation / Relaxation CD

wpe4.jpg (27587 bytes)
Local Meditation Instructor Lynn Einloth stopped by the studio to record
a meditation CD. She is recording the CD to give out to her students.

December 2008

A busy month
Three new  CD releases:

Meet The Connexion

wpeB.jpg (29588 bytes)
Bruce, Tom, Robbie, Joey
A collection of Rock and Roll Classics
Produced by Pamela Davis
A few song samples from the CD

Do You Believe In Magic.mp3       Eight Days A Week.mp3

Traveling Man.mp3

wpe7.jpg (59105 bytes)
Pamela Davis and Robbie Irti Lead vocalist and lead guitarist from the Connexion Band, showing off
The band's debut CD. Pamela Produced the CD and sang a duet with Robbie.

Welcome To Tranzotica

wpeC.jpg (29588 bytes)

Instrumental New Age Ambient Music CD

Midnight Sojourn.mp3       Romantic Cruise.mp3      Tranzotica.mp3

Feeling Lucky.mp3        A Walk In Paradise.mp3      Scenic Picnic.mp3

Order your copy today

     Welcome To Tranzotica

For Our Veterans Volume III

wpe8.jpg (45476 bytes)

CD recorded with Pamela and her students to help our local Veterans
at the VA Medical Center in Palm Beach County

A few song samples from the CD

Sloop John B.mp3        You Keep Me Hanging On.mp3      I Only Wanna Be With You.mp3

For Our Veterans Vol III CD

October 2008
Blowing In The Wind

wpeB.jpg (57961 bytes)
Becca Brack recording her vocal part for a tune on the next
"For Our Veterans Vol. III" CD
Which will be released in Dec 2008


August-October 2008
Summertime recording with
"The Connexion"

wpeD.jpg (73840 bytes)
The Connexion Band in recording tracks for an up coming CD release.
Pictured from left: Rob, Joey, & Tom
Pictured below is their drummer Bruce.
wpe8.jpg (67520 bytes)
The Connextion Drummer: Bruce Chase

July 2008

Singer records rockin' version of
"I Think We're Alone Now"

wpe4.jpg (58620 bytes)
Vanessa Hawthorne is in the studio recording a cover version of "I Think We're Alone Now".
Vanessa 's version is a hard hitting modern rockin' version with some excellent lead vocals.

A gifted singer, with a cool edge to her voice.
All instruments are played by Pamela Davis, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, etc.

June 2008

Reggae  Singer, Songwriter, & guitarist

wpe3.jpg (65425 bytes)
Ryan Aleries is in the studio recording a new track he wrote called "Running On Empty".
Some great lyrics and music from this promising local singer, songwriter.

May 2008

Tammy Keener in recording vocal tracks

wpe4.jpg (43971 bytes)
Singer Tammy Keener is in the studio recording tracks for a project.


March 2008
Lacey in the studio recording
wpeF.jpg (40419 bytes)

Lacey Nikkinen is in the studio recording her lead vocal part on the
cover song"El Conda Passa"

February 2008

Poker Talk America

wpe6.jpg (40111 bytes)
Poker Talk Frank was in the studio pre recording a show
because co-hostess Lisa Adams (every Wednesdays) was going to Las Vegas
for a Poker tournament. Poker Talk America is on the air Monday-Friday
from 4Pm-5PM on WBZT AM 1230

For more information on Poker Talk America :
Also WBZT website:
Lisa Adams website is:
BTW, Poker Talk America's theme song (starts and ends the show)was recorded
here in the studio by Pamela Davis on all instruments.


January 2008

Meditation CD

wpe4.jpg (59846 bytes)
Cloe Kallen is working on her debut CD for Qigong which
is a traditional Chinese medicine meditation. A wonderful soothing voice and all original
music composed on piano. Pamela Davis is producing.

October 2007
Drumming to the rhythms

wpe4.jpg (86251 bytes)

Pamela Davis is behind the drums. The drums are used for recording and has
ddrums triggers (little red boxes) to convert to midi signals for recording.
The drums are going to be used in the recording studio, naturally, and for teaching.

October 2007

Alexis Rowe records with other teenagers

wpe5.jpg (61637 bytes)
Alexis Rowe records her lead vocal on "Let It Be.MP3"
backing vocals: Lancy
Dorelus and her brother Robinson Dorelus
Piano & Bass
: Hayley Trainer on
Acoustic guitar: Grace Fisher
Drums: Grace Marrero

September 2007

Nicole Nicholson working on demos

wpe9.jpg (55335 bytes)
Nicole Nicholson is in the studio recording her first professional demos.
Pamela Davis producing.

July 2007
Pamela Davis recorded & composed opening & closing theme for
"Poker Talk America" WBZT 1230 AM Radio - 2007

wpe6.jpg (9163 bytes)

July 2007
Lancy Dorelus in the studio

wpe9.jpg (43265 bytes)
Lancy Dorelus is adding backing tracks to one of Jamie Lee Dix's new songs.


April  2007

Jamie Lee Dix recording some tracks

wpe9.jpg (54578 bytes)
Singer Jamie Lee Dix is in the studio recording a Hip popish ballad.

Adding Backing tracks
wpe5.jpg (44699 bytes)
Nicole Nicholson is in the studio recording backing tracks on one of Tony Mungin-Shaw's songs.

"Salute Our Veteran's" 2007

wpeD.jpg (21142 bytes)
Pamela stands with the Big Screen TV set that her studio donated
to the Veterans Hospital in Palm Beach County
for more info click on photo

February 2007

Smooth Jazz Biz

wpe3.jpg (49734 bytes)
Tony Mungin-Shaw is in the studio recording a smooth jazz CD of covers.
Tony is pictured here with his alto sax.

January 2007
Country Singer: Roy James

wpeD.jpg (42430 bytes)
Country Singer Roy James is in the studio recording demos.

December 15, 2006
For Our Veterans Vol II CD
Singing for a good cause

wpe4.jpg (39531 bytes)
John McCaffiey ,    Pamela Davis,    &     Robin Loree
posing with their newly released CD "For Our Veterans" Vol. II

John is featured on "Time Of The Season" and Without You.
Pamela is featured on "Crimson & Clover", Boulvard Of Broken Dreams,
"Stand By Me", & "Tip Toe Through The Tulips",
Robin is featured on "Sweet Dreams", Over The Rainbow, Happy Together,
and the blues classic "The Sky Is Crying".

(There are of course many other singers on this CD, these are the track the three are featured on).

For Our Veterans Vol II CD
release date: Dec 7, 2006

Press Release: For Our Veterans Vol II
click on above link for more infomation

wpe4.jpg (39531 bytes)

Two years ago we made our first CD, which all proceeds went to purchasing musical instruments for the local Veterans Hospital, in Palm Beach County. This year we are doing the same with the intention of purchasing a big screen TV for the "Day Treatment Program" and also trying to raise funds for "Recreation funding", which will supply food, partying supplies, and entertainment for the patients.

Help us to help
our Veterans by purchasing our CD

this Holiday season

Oct 2006

Bouzouki and Lute Suite

wpe4.jpg (30254 bytes)
Pamela Davis playing a Dobro style Bouzouki with Student Kris Steel playing his Spanish Lute.
Pamela has composed a "New Age" piece for a forth coming CD release and has
asked Kris Steel to play his Spanish Lute on the seven minute track.

Kris is an accomplished pianist and you can hear his MP3s  here.


Valerie recording "Stand By Me" with her small Octave guitar

wpe3.jpg (24469 bytes)
Valerie Langlois proudly posing with her Octave guitar, which is a soprano
version of a regular acoustic Guitar. This particuliar guitar is handmade made by
Broko Guitars from Germany. It plays very sweet and is the same size as a concert ukulele.

Oct 2006

Mother's Little Helper

wpe6.jpg (24127 bytes)
Kevin Oliveira in the studio recording lead vocals on the Rolling Stones classic
Mother's Little Helper

Sept 2006

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

wpe3.jpg (29670 bytes)
Vocal Student: Bailey Kiesei is recording her lead vocal part for
"SomeWhereOver The Rainbow".

wpe3.jpg (43814 bytes)
Vocal Student: Alexis Rowe
is in the studio recording lead vocals on "SomeWhereOver The Rainbow".

wpe4.jpg (26112 bytes)

Ukulele player: Valerie Langlois recording her part for
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"Hawaiian style.

July 2006

The Sky Is Crying
Student's uniting for a recording.

wpe3.jpg (38071 bytes)

Lead vocalist: Robin Lori and guitar student Grace Marrero recording together.
They are working on the classic Elmore James song
"The Sky Is Crying". Grace is recording a tremolo style rhythm.

July 2006

Without You - Nilsson Cover Song
Adult Students working and recording together.

wpe3.jpg (30321 bytes)

Guitar student Michelle Campbell is playing acoustic guitar on
the classic Harry Nilsson song"Without You".

wpe5.jpg (25103 bytes)

John McCaffiey is  the lead  singer  on "Without You".
John has an incredible falsetto range and is seen nailing the high vocal part.

July 2006

The Doctor making a studio call.

wpe11.jpg (28147 bytes)
Dr Tom Rowe is back in the studio helping out, recording his bass part on the tune "The Sky Is Crying".
His band just  released their debut CD Second Hand Band/Bonafide which was recorded and produced in our studios,

July 2006
Point 0 Five

wpe5.jpg (39335 bytes)

Tony Askew in the studio laying his bass track down to a cover version of
Jack Johnson's "Good People". Point 0 Five is in the studdio working on a few songs.
Pamela is producing the sessions.


June 2006

The Sky Is Crying

wpe4.jpg (29625 bytes)

Singer Robin Lori is in the studio recording her vocals to the blues classic
"The Sky Is Crying" by Elmore James.

Point 0 Five

wpe6.jpg (21201 bytes)
Point 0 Five drummer John Cope was recently in recording
his drum section to a cover version of
Jack Johnson's "Good People".


May 25, 2006

New Release From
Second Hand Band / Bonafide

wpe6.jpg (21201 bytes)

Debut CD Produced by Pamela Davis
Release date May 27, 2006

The CD was recorded here in our studios, as well as the post production work.

Track listings:

Come Together, Pink Cadillac, Mama Don't Dance (Live),
Evil Ways (Live), Moondance, Rhiannon, Get Together
Good Riddance, Down Under, Paint It Black, Boulevard of Broken Dreams,
I Dig Rock and Roll Music/Sunshine Superman, Bus Stop
of Broken Dreams (instrumental Version)

May 2006

Point 0 Five
The two Bob's

wpe6.jpg (21201 bytes)
Bob Graves and Bobby Root
recording the guitar parts on their cover version of
Jack Johnson's "Good People".

wpe4.jpg (17191 bytes)
Bob Graves and Bobby Root from Point 0 Five
caught recording backup vocals to their new song.

wpe3.jpg (19795 bytes)

Pamela Davis is at the controls producing.

April 2006

Coming in to record a few tracks is the Band
Point 0 Five

wpe5.jpg (17409 bytes)
Band members top left: Bob Graves, John Cope
Seated: Bobby Root, Tony Askew

wpe3.jpg (18410 bytes)
Point 05 with Pamela Davis who will be producing, arranging, & engineering.

April 2006

wpe7.jpg (19790 bytes)

Tyler St. Clair is a busy student. Not only is he this month's
Student of the month for April, but is also in the studio
recording a cover version of  David Bowie's classic song "Starman".

March 2006

Second Hand Band records a cover of
The Hollies classic "Bus Stop" for their up coming album.

wpe6.jpg (26824 bytes)
Second Hand News Band: L to R standing:Robin Sykes, Tom Rowe, Jim and sitting Craig Stone

wpeC.jpg (14132 bytes)      wpeA.jpg (18437 bytes)
Second Hand News recording Bus Stop: Jimmy Red Shoes recording the lead vocal and Craig Stone on Drums


January 2006

Bonafide morphs into Second Hand Band

Big news of the month is that Bonafide has offically split up. Four of the
co-founders Tom Rowe, Slice Brown,  Robin Sykes, and Jay

have morphed into a band called "Second Hand Band," adding 2 new players
Jimmy Redshoes on guitar and vocals, and Craig Stone on drum.

wpe4.jpg (23230 bytes)

Tom Rowe recording the Bass line on "I Dig Rock & Roll Music / Sunshine Superman" medley
for their up coming CD release.

Tom Rowe, Robin Sykes, and Jim were in on New Years Day recording
"I Dig Rock and Roll Music/Sunshine Superman" medley for their upcoming new CD.
Pamela Davis produced and played piano.

wpe6.jpg (15646 bytes)
Percussionist Slice Brown came by to add his conga tracks to his band's latest song.

Also finishing up the track "Pink Cadillac featuring Peggy O'Hara
on lead vocals from Bonafide.
Pamela is adding vocal harmony along with Robin Sykes,  recording an organ part,
and finishing up the incompleted song.

Student Of The Month Band

Three years in a row (2003-05) "Student of the month inductees":
Guitarist: Nick Nieman, and Vocalist & Guitarist: Kevin Olivera
are joined with "Student of the month 2005 inductees" Bass: Morgan Beers,
and Ben Bassoff are in the studio recording"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".

wpe19.jpg (12046 bytes)
Vocalist: Kevin Olivera

wpe16.jpg (16099 bytes)
Guitarist: Nick Nieman

wpe11.jpg (12940 bytes)
Guitarist: Ben Bassoff

Meet the Student Of The Month Band

Adult Students are in recording

Pre production on the Zombies classic tune
"Time of the Season"

wpe4.jpg (10221 bytes)
Lead vocals: John McCaffiey

wpeA.jpg (13612 bytes)
Acoustic guitar: Joe Cupar

Sept Oct 2005

Bonafide has completed work on "Down Under"
with Robin on lead vocals.

Work has started on Bonafide's next song,
a cover of The Rolling Stones classic "Paint It Black".

August 2005

Work continues with Bonafide's debut CD release.
The latest song completed is another Green Day song
"Blvd Of Broken Dreams."
featuring Robin Sykes lead vocals and vocal backings.
Also on the track is Bassman Tom Rowe and
Pamela Davis on Guitars, keyboards, and drums


July 2005
Bonafide are busy working on more tracks for their debut studio CD
"Down Under" by Men At Work is the newest song being recorded.
Green Day's Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) has been completed.

Greg and Brianna Lipack recorded their own version
of Green Day's song American Idiot.mp3
while continuing to finish up Jewel's song You Were Meant For Me.

June 2005
Bonafide  Sessions

wpe10.jpg (20107 bytes)
Slice and Tom Rowe from the Band Bonafide

Bonafide is in the studio working on their debut CD
Latest track in the studio is Green Day's
"Blvd Of Broken Dreams".
Robin Sykes is on Lead vocals

May 2005

Leslie Chaney in recording New Age music

wpe6.jpg (22554 bytes)

Leslie is in the studio recording a newly
composed 'New Age' piece.

First song is coming along nicely, very soothing.

March-April 2005

wpe6.jpg (16725 bytes)

wpeF.jpg (20107 bytes)

Bassist: Tom Rowe from the band Bonafide
is in the studio with his band working on
their debut CD.
Tom is executive producer.
Pamela Davis is producing

April 2005

Keeping the music in the family.

wpe3.jpg (28610 bytes)
Tracy with her daugther Brianna and son Gregory
who are in the studio recording the Jewel song "You Were Meant For Me".
Tracy plays acoustic 12 string & 6 string, Brianna is singing lead vocals, plus piano & synth.
Gregory is on electric ukulele.

wpe3.jpg (18870 bytes)
Brianna getting ready to record her piano part, while her brother
Greg gives her encouragement.

Listen: American Idiot.mp3
Feb 2005
Lil' Dre

wpe4.jpg (21709 bytes)

Anyone who purchased the "For Our Veteran's" CD
has heard a remarkable young singer
named Andrea Belle. Dre was the lead vocalist on
"Money Can't Buy You Everything"

Palm Beach Post columnist: Joe Bonikowski thought
Andrea's song was the best song off the "For Our Veteran's" CD.

Andrea is in working on a dance techno groove version of "Happy Together"

Recording Artist: Tony Shaw

wpe4.jpg (8079 bytes)

Tony Shaw is adding lead vocals to his song
"In Praise of Loving you"

"A gifted songwriter who writes from the heart." Pamela Davis

Tony is in recording his latest tune
"How Many Ways".

Pamela is producing and playing all the instruments.

December 2004

"For Our Veterans"CD
A benefit CD to purchase musical
instruments for the PBC VA hospital.

The CD Features Pamela and students
performing on originals & cover songs
More info click here

wpe4.jpg (19276 bytes)


Tracklisting, MP3s

February 15th, 2005
Salute To National Veterans Week
The presentation for the instruments
that were donated arrived and our first stop at the VA Hospital
was in the extended Care  unit

wpe13.jpg (11404 bytes)

Newspaper articles
about the "For Our Veterans" CD

Palm Beach Post, Hometown News,
& WeekDay


Sept 21, 2004

wpe4.jpg (14882 bytes)

Anna's Pielok's CD Cover Dreams
Produced by Pamela Davis

Anna Pielok and Pamela Davis'
story is featured in The Hometown News.

wpe11.jpg (4047 bytes)

Q & A: an interview with Anna


Simple Love
Maria Valdez

wpe10.jpg (7530 bytes)
Maria Valdez

Simple Love

Words: Maria Valdaz
Music: Maria Valdaz, Pamela Davis
Produced by Pamela Davis

Convenient  location for North Palm Beach, Juno Beach,
Tequesta, Palm Beach County and Martin County