Established Professional Music Studios in Jupiter, FL since 2002
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Conveniently located in-town at Pennock Point
The best kept secret in Jupiter for music lessons

Electric & Acoustic Guitars
"Teaching music is something I enjoy".
"I get great pleasure from passing along my knowledge of music to my students ".

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From beginner to advanced
(6 1/2 - 7  year olds - through adults)

Specializing in:

Music Theory

Note Reading

Scale Positions

Chords & Arpeggios

Finger picking Styles

Rhythm Techniques

Understanding Scales

Understanding Modes

Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales

Bottleneck "Slide"Blues Guitar

Songwriting Theory


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Pamela teaching long term student Patrick H.

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Pamela & Bill B. enjoying the lesson

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Pamela & Matt playing their Taylor Guitars

Bonuses learning at Pamela's Studio

Student Showcase
Student's are encouraged to work on selected songs
and perform with teacher and other students.

Student's live performance from Feb 2014

"I teach in a relaxed atmosphere, where the  focus is on learning."
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Teaching thousands of students over the past forty years,
has given me excellent insight into the best teaching methods.

One on one music lessons, no distractions.
Just a great learning environment,

where the focus is on the student to learn.

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Pamela teaching long term student Chris Earl

Learning to play guitar should be informative
and enjoyable to the
student. A professional
instructor needs to communicate complex
concepts to the student so they will
understand without feeling intimidated.
That is what a good teacher does.

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Ireland B. enjoying her guitar lessons

Choosing the right guitar

Phone: 561 512- 9583


Choosing the right guitar

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Jaslyne at home practicing.