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2017: Pamela Davis and her students at a recent student showcase.

"What I offer is a personal one on one
with each student,
No distractions,

just a great learning environment,
where the focus is on the
student to learn."

"The joy of music is something
that should be
past onto others."

"It is very important for me to teach and share
my knowledge of music
with all my students."

"I take great pride in my job
as a music teacher.
I care about the quality

of my teaching, so each student
may live up to their potential."

London enjoying her Piano lesson.

Amal & Charlie working on a song together.

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Music Teacher Pamela Davis with her customize electric sitar

Pamela performing live at the Karvis Center 2014

Weily (Piano student), Pamela, and WesleyRae (ukulele student)
About Pamela Davis
2014 George's Music: Teaching music classes.
Fran Davis, Ukulele student: Really enjoyed the class & getting to know an ultra talented long lost cousin! Lol! You rock Pamela.
Tim Caspary, Ukulele student: Great class last night! Really enjoyed it!
Rose Caspary Thanks for the great class.

Pamela Davis has been teaching music for 42 years. She has many insights into teaching after all these years, and is very creative with her lessons. Each lesson is devoted entirely to the student's needs. Being a good music teacher, is about having the ability to understand each student's individual potential and being able to follow through with them.

Pamela Davis is an accomplished singer songwriter musician. She has recorded fourteen solo albums, and many singles in the past 25 years, most available on iTunes.  She wrote most of the songs on all her releases, plus lead vocals, all background vocal harmonies, played electric and acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, ukulele, mandolin, Bass guitar, Drums, Sitar, Sarod, Banjo, etc. She also produced, arranged, programmed, and engineered, all the music heard on her critically acclaimed albums.

She has produced many full length CDs for other artists including in the past decade, Meet The Connexion, Lala QueenBee,
Dear Graduate, Bonafide, Second Hand Band, and
Anna Pielock. Plus produced a double CD "For Our Veterans Vol. I" with her students to donate proceeds to purchase instruments (pianos and guitars, amps, sheet music, etc), to The Veteran's Hospital, here in Palm Beach County. They released two follow up in 2006 and again in 2008 with "For Our Veteran's Vol. II" and "For Our Veteran's Vol. III".  Proceeds went to purchasing large screen TVs for the Palm Beach County Veteran's Hospital.

Pamela attended college at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, earning her degree in composition. Studied with
William G. Leavett Guitar Chairman at Berklee College Of Music who wrote the three volumes of  "Modern Method For Guitar" and associated books.  Also studied with renown Jazz Guitarist and educator Randy Roos. Roos taught at the New England Conservatory for fourteen years, then joined the Berklee School of Music faculty in 2003.

Also studied for four years with renown Opera Singer Richard Neal (1898-1976).Mr. Neal was a retired teacher from the Boston Conservatory,

Pamela performed / toured full time, five days a week, fifty weeks a year for 20 solid years. 1975-1995.

Composed the music (produced and arranged) and recorded all instrumental parts, for the independent movie "Miranda". Also had an acting role in it.
Composed & recorded background music for educational CD's.

Summer 2018 'The Coconut Song' released on Bongo Boy Records.
Charlie, my music student starred in my video and also used a few of my other students.

2017 Voted number one best composition off the album Escape From The Mind on Bongo Boy Records.
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2017 Video for the winning song 'New Horizons' off my latest relaxation album "Escape To Tranzotica".

2009: Pamela recorded, engineered and edited the audio book "Dear Graduate" by Brett Handler.

2009: Local Meditation Instructor Lynn Einloth recorded a meditation CD, which Pamela produced.

2007: Recorded & composed opening & closing theme for "Poker Talk America" WBZT 1230 AM Radio

Produced songs, and CDs for many musicians for forty years, in her own professional Recording Studio.

1997-2001: Operated a post production (recording) studio business for four years, working on mastering other peoples albums, and making them sound just right.

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Pamela in her Jupiter Florida recording facility.

Teaching a Mandolin class at George's Music 2014

2017: Escape To Tranzotica
Pamela Davis's musical legacy continues with her third instrumental album
"Escape To Tranzotica", set for release. Her third release to her mythical island named Tranzotica.
Skope Magazine writer William sums of the new music with, "You will feel like smiling from the first note to the last."

2015: TimeLine
Timeline is singer songwriter Pamela Davis' latest rock album.
This superbly crafted album of compelling songs and impressive artistry demonstrates why Pamela Davis is still at the top of her creative music making.

2014 Return To Tranzotica The sequel to the number one international chart topper.
The new ambient album continues it spiritual journey where the first album left off, creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience.
Prepare to escape to a mythical island, on a magic carpet ride high in the clouds.

2013 Don't Look Back album
Pamela Davis once again wows us with her refined songwriting polish and raw musical talent. “Don’t Look Back” is easily her best album yet,
featuring 10 songs scored and performed entirely by Davis and an inspired cover of Eric Clapton.  
Her technical complexity in rock instrumentation is the perfect complement to her sultry vocals,
and like a well written novel each song flows perfectly to the next, and when you reach the end you find yourself hungering for more.
At just over 45 minutes, the songs are beautifully paced and there isn’t a weak link amongst them
B. Paxton 8/23/13

June 2011 released "Clear Blue Skies"
A Pop rock album with 12 original songs and played and sang on all tracks.

2010: Pamela has released a new 21 track album called "Random Harvest".
The new CD "Random Harvest" is a guitar driven, gusty vocal, all out good time Rock album.
Pamela Davis: Vocals, Background Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Sitar Guitar,
Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Ukulele, Banjolele, Drums & Percussion.
Also some of Pamela's students are feature on the album.

June 2010 released a new CD-single/MP3  "How Can I Be Sure",
with 4 unreleased bonus tracks.

December 2010 released "One Voice, One Guitar",
15 tracks original and one cover of just Pamela singing and playing acoustic guitar.
Reviews have been excellent and is on sale at iTunes, Amazon, etc.

2009: Welcome To Tranzotica.
Original compositions in the style of New Age, Ambient Music.
Pamela played all the instruments. An app was made using
the music from this album. This has been selling excellently at Apple's store and iTunes,
selling over 130,000 downloads since it's release.

2009  CD-single/MP3  "In my Own Time".

2011 - 2012 for a year and half performed at Harry & The Natives in Hobe Sound
every Thursday night.

Pamela has her own site on her recorded works here at
a website devoted to Pamela's recorded music
and also a chance for you to hear her play.

Pamela Davis Music Studios presents "Student Showcases"

I started doing student showcases in 2003. I came up with the term "student showcase"
as I envisioned students performing along with me to give them the experience of a band.

2013 performing with students at Roger Dean Stadium

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2011 performing with students at one of our "Student Showcases".

Teaching students is great, but it's also important to get out onstage and perform with my students.

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2011 performing with students at one of our "Student Showcases".

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Testimonial Page

George's Music
West Palm Beach
from the General Manager

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Tim Kamak, General Manager
George's Music in West Palm Beach
Pamela was an independent contractor and Piano/Vocal/Guitar/Bass
teacher for George's Music. During her time with us,
Pam set very high standards for herself and worked continuously
to achieve her goals. Pam was independent; self motivated and took a great deal of pride in her work.
Pam was always punctual and maintained a caring and
sincere interest in her students. Pam is a person you can
have total trust in to exceed all your expectations.
She is one I can recommend with complete confidence.
Tim Kamak June 2004

Mar's Music
West Palm Beach
from the Educational Manager from Mar's Music

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Chas Reskin - Education manager
at The Mars Music Learning Center

Ms. Davis is a teacher of extraordinary depth and ability.
Her intimate knowledge of contemporary as well as traditional pop styles make Ms. Davis an insightful and well-rounded instructor. On a personal level, Ms Davis is a warm,
considerate person, who has shown an admirable degree of devotion to her students.

She is also well versed in all phases of music production, with extensive experience in recording techniques, mixing, mastering, and other important related skills. A professional in every way, Ms. Davis has shown a positive and upbeat attitude, while respectful to students and colleagues alike.

Chas Reskin 2002

Palm Beach County VA Medical Center Award Ceremony

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L to R: Chief Voluntary/Recreation Therapy Service Mary Phillips , Pamela Davis, JWV representative
voluntary services Edith Crosby, Director of VA Hospital Charleen Szabo

Pamela Davis was presented with an award for her music studios contributions of donating
musical instruments and a big screen TV to the VA Medical Center in Palm Beach County.

Photo: Gary Dale

The VA Medical Center recently presented an award to Pamela Davis of Pamela
Davis Music Studios for her contributions of musical instruments and a big
screen TV to the Palm Beach County Veterans Medical Center. Davis Music
Studios produced three CDs for the purpose of the proceeds going toward
purchases for the VA Medical Center.

Davis came up with the idea to record the CDs with her students. The project
took on many facets throughout the developmental stages of each song. The
musical selection is extremely diverse to appeal to a mass audience. The
song variety can be attributed to Davis experience in the music world, and
the integrity of her teaching, which is reflected in her production of the two CDs,
"For Our Veterans". Davis, a master of her craft, offered musical guidance, and
provided an opportunity for her students to perfect their respective parts,
as well as experience professional recording.
Along with voice lessons, Davis teaches, guitar, piano, bass, drums, Sitar, Ukulele, and
mandolin at her music studio located in Jupiter. She is currently teaching lessons while working on three CD releases.

The award reads:  Certificate of appreciation, WPB VA Medical Center.
Presented to Pamela Davis Music Studios For your commitment, passion and support you have provided
to increase the quality of life for our veterans through your generous fundraising efforts
in the production of the "For Our Veterans" CD

For Our Veterans CDs
I believe we should set a good example to everyone in our community.
It is important to show my students what can be done, by leading not following.

Parent and student: Testimonial Page

Enjoy learning in a large spacious studio

Pamela Davis Music Studios
Established Professional Music Studios in Jupiter, FL since 2002
Conveniently located in-town at Pennock Point

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