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Sitar Lessons
"Teaching music is something I enjoy".
"I get great pleasure from passing along my knowledge of music to my students".

Enjoy learning in a large spacious studio

Learn how to play the Sitar

Improve your Sitar skills

Improvise on the Sitar

Learn to read Sitar music

Learn the scales of the Sitar

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Pamela & Felicia Blackwood both playing a
Sitar guitar. This is another approach to playing Sitar.
This guitar version is tuned the same as the India Sitar,
and is approached in it's theory and improvising

in the same way as the traditional Sitar.

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Pamela Davis pictured with her custom electric Sitar

Playing the Sitar

The instrument should be balanced between the player's left foot and right knee. The hands should move freely without having to carry any of the instrument's weight. The player plucks the string using a metallic pick or plectrum called a mizrab.
The thumb should stay anchored on the top of the
fret board just above the main gourd. Generally only the index and middle fingers are used for fingering although a few players occasionally use the third. A specialized technique called "meend" involves pulling the main melody string down over the bottom portion of the sitar's curved frets, with which the sitarist can achieve a 7 semitone range of microtonal notes.

Pamela's private music studios is conveniently located in-town at Pennock Point, Jupiter Florida.

Phone: 561 512- 9583