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Beginner to advanced
Ages 6 1/2 - 7 year olds - through

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"Teaching music is something I enjoy".
"I get great pleasure from passing along my
knowledge of music to my students".

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Piano is such a wondrous and unique, instrument. Coordinating both left and right hands takes diligent work, but once mastered, well worth the student's patience.

Music Theory, Note Reading
Chords & Arpeggios
hythm Techniques
Major & Minor Scales
elodic & Harmonic Minor Scales
Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales
Diminished Scales, Augmentative Scales

Understanding Mode

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I prefer to teach on digital Pianos, as we learn to incorporate the student's knowledge of Piano on the computer. Students get the choice which sounding Piano they prefer, as I have a library of thousands of different makes and styles of Piano sounds. Students learn and start to understand the difference in various sizes (Grand, Baby Grand, Concert, Upright, etc.) and manufacture of Pianos, by the sounds they hear. Naturally a student practicing at home on a traditional Piano will appreciate theirs more.

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Edie receiving her "student of the month certificate for outstanding achievement.

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MacKenzie enjoying her Piano lessons
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Amil enjoying her Piano lessons.

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London showing how much fun learning can be.

For most students traditional Piano lessons, working out of Method Books. Learning proper hand positions, reading music on both music staffs. Students are taught the language of music, in a friendly, and comfortable way.
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Dina at her lesson while her Mom listens in the background

Students also have the opportunity to learn current hits songs that they know and want to practice.

Piano Student Ailsa performing "Rolling Girls".

For younger students Learning to read on both treble and bass clef is very important and a skill your child will always have. My piano lessons are always geared at keeping the young student interested in learning.

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Elijah & his sister Edie happy to be at their Piano Lesson

For the adult student my approach is different from teaching younger students. I like to start off with learning contemporary piano chords and popular songs and/or oldies rock songs. There are many directions to take after the initial songs and direction could go into scales, sight-reading, theory, etc. Depending on the students goals. Also a good solid background for playing piano is being able to read music notation, understanding note durations, and learning about fingering positions.
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For the singing pianist:
My lessons are aimed at the individual in two ways; left hand bass notes runs, and right hand chords. This method is perfect for the singer who wants to accompany themselves, or in a band situation. I also teach left hand chords with right hand playing melodies (for those who don't sing) in the traditional classical style of playing.

All techniques are aimed at the student's
maximum potential in playing
contemporary styles, and classical music.

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Piano Student Sheena has found out how fun it can be to play Piano.

Beacon Magazine article
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Bonus learning at Pamela's Studio
We do Student Showcases a few times a year, where the students gets on stage and play songs together with other students and teacher.

Pamela's private music studios is conveniently located in-town at
Pennock Point, Jupiter Florida.

Phone: 561 512- 9583