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Ukulele Lessons
For Baritone, Tenor, Concert, Soprano, 8 Strings, 6 Strings, Tenor & Soprano Banjolele, etc

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"I am proud to say that I am the first teacher in Jupiter
who offered Ukulele lessons. "
"I Started teaching it in Palm Beach County in 2001

The Ukulele is such a joyous, happy sounding instrument. One can't help but have a smile on their faces hearing the soothing high pitched tones from a soprano uke. Since the instrument is so much fun, the emphasis on the lessons are aimed at having a good time while learning detailed chordings, appeggios, and riffs.

This method is perfect for the singer who wants to accompany themselves solo, in a band situation or for singalongs.

Teaching the Ukulele to siblings Rachael & Brandon

All ages, all styles, and all levels welcomed.

Specializing in:

Music Theory  *  Chords & Arpeggios * Scales

Rhythm Techniques  *  Finger picking patterns

Pamela teaching Susan, the finer points on Ukulele

Teaching a Ukulele class with my solid body ukulele.

Did you know????

There are 4 basic kinds of ukuleles?
The soprano is the standard, but the concert is two inches larger making the fretboard easier to finger (slightly larger), and has a fuller sound.

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2004: Sister's Abby on Baritone uke & Emily on Tenor Uke.

"Teaching music is something I enjoy".
"I get great pleasure from passing along
my knowledge of music to my students ".

Pamela performaning "Somewhere Over The Ranbow" live.

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Molly practicing her exercise on her little uke.
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Teaching Ukulele to Izzy

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