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Includes 45 Audio Tracks!
Over 110 minutes on 2 CDs
18 contemporary exercises on each CD

CD booklet includes
All vocal exercises notated
Detailed diagrams on breathing correctly
Photos of all lip placements for correct vowel sounds
Valuable singing tips included for all levels from beginner to pro

Use these exercises to properly warm-up your voice before a performance.

Time proven vocal exercise methods
put to contemporary backing tracks

"Learning to sing properly has so many obvious advantages
for the modern singer. These warm-up exercises are intended for
singers of all levels, who wish to improve tone, range, pitch, endurance,
and an overall correct way of singing. " - Pamela Davis

Karaoke Singer's will benefit from this double CD,
by learning the fundamentals.

Includes 45 Audio Tracks!
Over 110 minutes originally on 2 CDs
18 contemporary exercises on each CD

Available for download only
on itunes & Amazon

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Online reviews

By Kevin Russel on May 20, 2014
Format: MP3 Music
Every singer should own this CD. From anyone who is pursuing a career as a professional vocalist, to the novice beginner that just wants to learn to sing well, Vocal Warm-Ups for the Modern Singer provides you with the technique needed to refine your singing abilities. I myself have used it extensively to improve my range and pitch, as well as for standard warm ups before a gig. What a difference it makes in my overall sound! The beginners CD does an excellent job of teaching even the most inexperienced singers how to sing properly. The pace and difficulty is perfectly matched to the skills of a beginner, and I found the pictures of lip placements in the sleeve to be incredibly helpful. The second CD is designed to keep you moving forward once you've familiarized yourself with the techniques. The wider ranged exercises are perfect for warming up before a show and expanding your own personal range. This is the standard of vocal techniques that thousands of successful modern vocalists use. What I like the most about this CD is how relevant it is. The warm-ups are certainly geared more towards modern music and singing styles which is perfect for someone striving for legitimate rock and pop vocals. If you are lucky enough to have been born with a naturally good voice and ear for pitch, this CD may be even more helpful to you. The techniques you will learn from this CD will easily take you from a good singer to a professional singer. Just practice!

Well Worth It
By Mark Caspary on June 25, 2014
Format: MP3 Music
As a beginner and new to music lessons, I've found Vocal Warm-Ups for the Modern Singer CD, a great asset and compliments individual voice instruction with Pamela Davis. It's like having a live instructor with you, while practicing at your own pace and whenever you'd like. Pamela adds tips and useful information along the way. The insert includes an outline of the lessons and helps to give a visual idea of lip placement which works well while doing the lessons. I've always wanted to learn how to sing and as an added bonus at the same time will improve my speaking voice.

By HappyFunBall on May 25, 2014
Format: MP3 Music
These warmups are a great way to keep your voice in shape or get ready for a performance. I've worked through this album hundreds of times. I think of it as like the stretches and exercises an athlete does to keep in shape, and I've made following these warmups a regular part of my routine. It's helped me increase my range over time.

There is a range of difficulty to the warmups, so any level singer can benefit. Some of the exercises toward the end are a real challenge!

Student's comments

After using the CD for two weeks I have noticed such a great
difference in the notes I can reach and the songs I've been
singing are sounding much better."

"These vocal CDs of Pamela's are the best and
I'd say "go for it" and get it, you wont regret it."

Phyllis Leigh Voice and guitar student.
Adult student

"I use the CDs in my car all the time, and I've noticed my range
and pitch has gotten much better."
Kelly Buettner Voice and guitar student.
college student

"I like the way the first CD explained the diaphragm and lip placements."
"I like the rockin' exercises on CD two." "It's make it that much
cooler to sing along to".  "I got the audition at my school talent show
and the placements were automatic because I always practice with this CD."

Oliveira  11 year old student.

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