Pamela Davis Music Studios
Conveniently located in-town at Pennock Point, Jupiter Florida
Phone: 561 512-9583            Email:

Meet And Greet
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Come on over and meet me and checkout what goes on here at my music studio.

New student special! 
ree evaluation
meet your instructor.
Let's evaluate and discuss what you will learn
Starting lessons can be so unnerving.
I like the teacher?
What can the teacher really teach me?
Who is my teacher?
Are they qualified to teach?  Etc, etc
Meet & Greet
Come on over and meet me

Welcome to Pamela Davis Music Studios
A quiet, tranquil, comfortable environment where the student
can completely focus, and relax while learning.

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Welcome You've found a friendly place where the focus is on making music

We're Open:  Monday   Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday   &   Saturday

Enjoy learning in a large spacious studio
A 1000 sq ft building which includes a recording studio

Pamela DavisMusic Studios
Jupiter, Florida

Email:   Phone: 561 512-9583