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Songwriting and Composition

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Phone: 561 512-9583           

To write songs, is to understand how chords apply to melody. Being creative, and understanding which chord(s) comes next is essential to being an excellent composer. Having the knowledge to choose the perfect (sweet) chord will make all the difference to your song. A lack of understanding is to compromise your song and decide on an inferior chord sequence, concluding in a more mundane song.

Getting the most out of your melody is very important as well, making sure the melody reaches it peak performance and reaches the potential listener, to really appreciate your composition.

These are just a couple of example that make up your foray into
crafting quality songs.

Here is a mini documentary in my recording studio working on
a composition I did with my client Nic Rodell

The rewards!
My CD "Welcome To Tranzotica" was composed completely by me. It has been downloaded over 135,000 times from around the world and has been number "1" on the charts in a dozen countries, and top "10" in over 3 dozen countries.
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