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Here are some of my favorite links:

Fender Guitars
Web Site:
Fender Strats are my workhorse electric guitar for stage work.

Friends Of Florida Folk
Into folk music? Here's the site for the Florida Folk scene

Web Site:
Bought my Banjolele, Tenor Guitar, Lap Steel, Banjitar,
& Irish Tenor Banjo from this company.
Quality instruments.

Gretsch guitars
Web Site:
Another guitar maker that makes great guitars. Classic designs, innovated sounds
One of my favorite guitar makers.

Jerry Jones Guitars
Web Site:
The maker of the Guitar-Sitar.
Jerry made me a Lefty Master Sitar. A fine gentleman to deal with.
America's finest US made quality vintage reproductions!

History of Laser shows
Web Site:
A history of laser shows.
I remastered the CD mentioned on the page.

Kamaka Ukuleles
Web Site:

For the very best in ukuleles:
These are my favorite ukes, made of course in Hawaii!

Koaloha Ukuleles
For the very best in ukuleles:
Their D VI model is fantastic. Great workmanship,
great sound, and yes these are made in Hawaii

Ovation Guitars
Web Site:
Bought my first Ovation Legend in 1975.
What a wonderful guitar to compose on and perform with!

Music Stamp Series
Web Site:
Looking for chord boxes, tablature, ukulele chord boxes,
Bass tabs, etc stamps. This is the place.

Rickenbacker Guitars
Web Site:
Great quality, great sound, great workmanship.
I love Rickenbacker guitars.

Strings By Mail
Web Site:
A place to buy all kinds of strings and if you
want to buy one string from a set, they sell that.
Web Site:
Where on this planet would one find a left handed Sarod?
Easy answer, this website. They had a lefty Sarod made up for me
at a very decent price. Came in two days from India, wrapped up
in Christmas like paper. Wow!

 Tyler Mountain

They make many interesting instruments.
They made my dobro Irish Bouzouki,
and octave dobro Mandolin
Great company to deal with, good guys.

Other links:

Again the concept of voice placement
Lloyd W. Hanson, DMA Professor of Voice, Northern Arizona University

Web Site:
A very good essay on voice teaching, one I absolutely agree with and teach.