Lala Queenbee
Lala Queenbee was blessed to have been raised in the island of Puerto Rico, where she grew up hearing the nightly songs of the coqui frogs. Her earliest memories, are the long warm, breezy days, singing along with cousins and dancing at the majestic Abuelas yard.

Lala also recalls family camping trips at Caña Gorda beach, where along with her sisters would fall asleep staring at the heavenly stars. Days were filled singing, while her dad would fish, leaving the chore of cooking his catches of the day to her sweet spirited mom to cook.

Lela's dad had a passion for cultivating bees, and would cultivate the most delicious raw honey. Lala would proudly go with her father to La Plaza del Pueblo and together sell their raw honey along with the honey combs. It is from these early beginnings that customers, friends, and family started affectionately calling her Lala Queenbee.
Lala Queenbee has a distantly recognizable mid soprano voice that is refreshing to one's ears. She bring out her emotions in each original song and captivates the listeners heart on the very first play. Her appreciation of the gift of song, brings it home to the listeners.

Lala Queen Bee has in the past couple of years started collaborating with Producer, arranger, & composer Pamela Davis, and together with Lala's unique flare for melodies, have captured the island song of Puerto Rico.  Her latest release Amor Interrumpido (Interrupted Love) is to be released on the"World Music" compilation album being released by Bongo Boy Records this late spring.
June 2017 Review by, Bongo Boy Records VOLUME XII
Sung with true fire is
Lala Queenbee's “Me La Estoy Gozando”.
Throughout the entirety of the piece the spry melodies merges with the groove so tightly. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance as the song’s giddy spirit is undeniable.
mi2n magazine 2017
Music Review by The Grouch
LaLa QueenBee - Me La Estoy Gozando 4:25 - Firstly, I dig this band’s name. Sec-ondly I know no Spanish, so this really is simply a critique of their music. From what I hear, this synth heavy pop band can make some noise. The music is catchy and the, what to me sounds like an, Asian influenced chorus is interesting. Then things get really cool. She adds an effect to her voice and the guitarist channels his inner Santana while the bass rips into a very funky bottom. All in all, I like this song.
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