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Bass Guitar
"Teaching music is something I enjoy".
"I get great pleasure from passing along my knowledge of music to my students"

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2014 Winter Student Showcase
Here I am playing Bass on The Doors classic "Love Me Two times".
I came up with my own creative bass line for the song, as I usually do.

Enjoy learning in a large spacious studio

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Pamela with 'Student Of The Month for 10/13 Ryan Carroll

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Pamela with Mark teaching advance music theory

Bass guitar is what gives the music its groove. It sets the pace and mood for each song.  A good knowledge of chord theory and utilizing arpeggios is a must for all bass players. A knowledgeable bass player should also be able to play all the major and minor scales, diminished and augmented scales, major and minor pentatonic scales, in every position and in every key.  A good sight reader on bass is valuable experience, and learning to read the bass staff on the instrument develops understanding of theory and finger placements.

Specializing in:

Music Theory

Note Reading


Chords & Arpeggios

Rhythm Techniques

Major & Minor Scales

Major Pentatonic scale

Minor Pentatonic scale

Harmonic Scales

Diminished Scales

Augmented Scales


Pamela Davis with Bass Joey D.

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Pamela & Felicia B. working on a groove

Pamela's private music studios is conveniently
located in-town at
Pennock Point, Jupiter Florida

Phone: 561 512- 9583